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1 August, 2005 – “Aray” JSC was reorganized into “Aray - 91” LLC and became a part of “Aray Holding”.

The basic kinds of activity:

• Manufacture and realization of: spirit, alcoholic beverage products, beer, mineral water, soft drinks, food carbonic gas, bakery products;
• Trading-purchasing activity;
• Rendering of service: motor transportation and sports

“Aray - 91” LLC has in its property:

distillery(the production of spirit for own needs and trade to outside organizations);
workshop on manufacture of carbonic gas from fermentation gas of spirit manufactures (Use in manufacture of own aerated drinks);
workshop on manufacture of alcoholic drinks;
workshop on manufacture of soft drinks;
transport workshop (realization of delivery of own products, and also rendering of service for outside organizations);
network of shops on sale of the consumer goods, total area of which is over 1600m2;
workshop on manufacture of bakery products;
sports centre with big covered sports hall, racetrack, covered and open tennis-courts, swimming-pool, sauna, exercise rooms, football pitch with stands.
warehouses with railway and automobile access roads, total area of which is over 3500m2;

The company is engaged both manufacture, and wholesale-retail trade of wide assortment of the consumer goods, the trading activity was begun in the market of Kostanay region. Then with increase in production and extension of assortment the firm enlarged the wholesale network and now “Aray” sells its products almost in all big cities of Kazak Republic. Wholesale clients, who work on behalf of the firm, are situated in big and strategically important cities of Republic – Astana, Kokshetau, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda, Uralsk, Rudnyi, Kostanay, Temirtau, Balhash.

  10% go to Fund of the
social help

“Aray” Company from time to time organizes actions directed on rendering help to socially not protected layers of the population. But only in 2006 the social orientation found a constant basis as a brand idea and was embodied in the concept of lemonades “Pleasure” TM. According to the brand concept, 10 per cent from profit of each sold bottle go to Fund of the social help to orphans, created at the enterprise. Here funds are saved up, and then go to children's home in Rudnyi, where children aged 3-7 are brought up. This children's home is taken under patronage of trade mark “Pleasure”.


The company was one of the first in Kazakhstan, who in 2003 introduced the certificated system of quality management on the basis of the international standards ISO 9001.
High quality of products made by “Aray” LLC is repeatedly confirmed by numerous medals from International and Republic expositions and competitions. In total in the company there are 60 medals, including 41 golden ones, and also 9 diplomas and honorary letters “For high quality of production”. In 2007 “Aray - 91” LLC is awarded the diploma of annual Republic Fair of achievements APK “Karaotkel – 2007” in the nomination “The best company” for its professionalism, quality and stability in the market of Kazakhstan.

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