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About Company

Broadcasting company Alau has been working in the media market of Kostanay region since 1993. The name Alau in translation from the Kazakh language means fire, bonfire, flame. The name symbolizes warmth and light of fire, which are given to the TV viewers and radio listeners by the creative group.

Nowadays Alau-TV is the most popular regional TV-channel. By estimations of experts about 90 % of Kostanay people watch this channel, potential audience is about 800 thousand people.

The telecasting is 24 hours per day. 80% of ethers are own broadcasts and feature films, 20% are relaying of programs of NTV-channel.

Since 1998 Broadcasting company Alau has Radio Alau in its structure.


Services: TV and radio advertisement, sponsorship of program.

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You can get more information about the activity of Broadcasting company Alau and its advertising services on the site http://www.alau.kz/

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Contacts Alau-TV LLC

The director: Arefeva Zulfia Husnitdinovna
Kazak Republic
Kostanay, Al-Farabi street, 124
8 (7142) 56-86-72 - waiting room
8 (7142) 56-86-23 - waiting room
8 (7142) 56-85-00 - advertising department
8 (7142) 56-84-91 - editorial office of RTN program
e-mail: alau@rastr.com




About Company

Lisakovskoye TV Akcent was founded in 1995 and on April, 26 it was registered as public TV studio. However its birthday is considered to be on May, 9 because that day Akcent went on the air with its own program for the first time.

In 2004 on December,22 Akcent became private TV Company. Nowadays telecasting of LTV Akcent is 18 hours per day. 80% of ethers are its own broadcasts, broadcasts of regional TV-company Alau-TV, 31 channel, Rahat TV and feature films, 20% are news programs and shows of Russian channels. There are over 15 settlements of Taranovskiy and Denisovskiy regions in radius of telecasting, which is about 60 km.

Potential audience is about 70000 people.

Production of all programs and telecasting is made in digital format.


LTV Akcent is the official representative of Broadcasting CompanyNS Radio - nation-wide network since 2005.

Contacts Lisakovskoye TV Akcent LLC

The director: Ermolaev Sergey Borisovich
The assistant on technics: Muromtsev Victor Lvovich
The assistant on advertising: Grivko Uriy Grigorevich
Chief editor: Demyanenko Irina Anatolevna

Kazak Republic 111200,
Kostanay oblast, Lisakovsk, micr. 4, house 35
Phone\Fax: 8 (71433) 3-09-09, 3-09-10 - advertising department
8 (71433) 3-24-85
mobile phone: 8 701 716 84 61 (advertising department)
e-mail: akcent@sunrise.kz, shtab@sunrise.kz (advertising department)

  About company Product News Announcements Contacts Write