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Having processed diamond, the jeweller obtains a brilliant, which is many times surpassing the natural stone in cost. At all times it was much more profitable to process and sell a product of processing than to sell just raw material

Kind of activity: The processing of soft grades of wheat Products of manufacture - wheat flour for baking of the 1-st, 2-nd and extra grades, wheat bran.

Productivity of the enterprise is 50 tons of flour in a day.


At the enterprise there is its own industrial laboratory, equipped by the modern equipment on quality control of grain and flour.

Such conditions as the modern high-technology equipment, own source of raw materials, constant and deep quality control of charge stock and integrated products allow mill complex to make competitive products of high quality.


Accordance of flour to requirements of the normative documentation, excellent baking properties and high parameter of whiteness are the basis of the adequate name of product "White Queen".





Contacts “Lisakovskiy MC” LLC

Kazak Republic
111200, Kostanay oblast, Lisakovsk, industrial zone.
Phone: 8 (71433) 3-09-55
mobile phone: 8 701 712 61 28
The director: Fedoseev Sergey Pavlovich

  About company Product News Announcements Contacts Write